We know that everyone has a story and our mission is to find that story.  Then show the world.

We are a travelling group of writers, foodies and drinkers that love the experience of great food and well made beer.  The best places are those you never knew existed.  We are hunters on the prowl for those places.  Thanks for coming along.

Eric Gibson
Writer / Pagemaster

Kharla Graham
Writer / Bringer of Rainbows

Hannah Cather
Photographer / Copy Editor

Billy Watson
Contributor / Genuine Italian

Lori Trentham
Contributor / Hambone

Interested in writing for us?
We don't want to be just another online beer or food or travel magazine. Instead we want long features that get to the heart of our subjects. We don't like lists or clickbait, and we don't want reviews unless they have soul.

Sound good so far?
Well then, here is what we want.

Coming Soon!