A glimpse inside a west coast beer fest

As temperatures soar across the country, summer marks the start of beer fest season. And like clockwork craft beer lovers head out to get their fill of free tastings at festivals that are becoming more and more frequent.  We took … Read More

The Selling out of Craft Beer

Another one bites the dust. With the news from California about brewery Saint Archer finding its way into the loving arms of macro brewing behemoth MillerCoors which was right on the heels of an announcement from craftbeer champion Lagunitas selling 50% … Read More

The mad laboratory of the brothers Weidenhamer

With sandwiches like the Danny Davito and the Johnny Knoxville we were curious.  Then they mentioned a 5 pound hotdog.  And a giant PBR.  Curious Dog had us hooked the moment we looked through the window.    Matt Weidenhamer is … Read More

The Struggle To Get to California

I probably should have turned the car around and stayed home when I left the morning of my California adventure.  Having to trudge through a couple of inches of snow and ice should have been the first clue.  Weather be … Read More

Mardi Gras at Burial Beer Company

It was the day after Valentines Day and we were wondering around downtown Asheville in search of some warmth.  It was brutally cold but somewhere came the unmistakable thump thump of live music.  Somewhere people were warm and having fun.  We … Read More

Truly hand crafted: Crafty Bastard Brewery

Knoxville’s newest nanobrewery could finally make Knoxville a beer destination. “You crafty bastard.” That was it.  Aaron McClain and Jen Parker, the brains behind Knoxville’s soon to open nanobrewery found their name.   Crafty Bastard Brewery will be something that Knoxville … Read More

A More Modern Craft Scene Coming To Mississippi?

Brewers in the Magnolia State could soon be getting some good news. One of the least progressive states with respect to craft beer might be about to leap ahead and bump shoulder with states that allow taprooms. Representative Toby Barker, … Read More

A Sinful Dessert and a Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington

Another city, another amazing burger, but is it really Washington D.C.’s best?   The hidden agenda for my travels doesn’t involve just beer.  It has always been to find a good hamburger.  The best hamburger.  We had already found it … Read More

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