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An appreciation for the craft beer festival

As the temperatures begin to soar across the country, craft beer lovers head out to get their fill of free tastings at festivals that are becoming more and more frequent.

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The truth of women and beer: Witches

“Then put it again into the Cauldron, and boil it an hour or an hour and a half. Then put it into a Woodden-vessel to cool, which will require near forty hours for a hogshead.” -Scotch Ale from my Lady Holmbey Echoing laughter fills the dark, candle-lit room and the smell of death and blood

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OP-ed: The Grand Teton Brewing Company

With a warm Brewhoppin welcome we would love to introduce Max Augustine, a guest blogger from Idaho.  To learn more about our Op-ed features check our the details here.   One of the things we here in the Pacific Northwest pride ourselves on is amazing craft beer. On the westernly most edge of this region

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The truth of women and beer: The Age of the Viking

A fool will gape when he goes to a friend, but pass him the ale cup and all in a moment the mind of that man is shown. and mumble only, or mope; –Havamal line 17, Odin The battle axe rings through the once thriving life and quenches its thirst with the blood of the

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The truth of woman and beer: Ninkasi

Deep in the cradle of civilization, something more was brewing than mans’ intention of conquering the known world. Women were brewing their own ideas but these ideas would not disappear with the sand. These ideas were born of yeast, grains, dates and honey. These ideas became beer and it was a woman’s world. To get

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I AM the Brewmaster!

I dare you to Google “beer ad”. There it is, the lopsided idea of what women are to beer. Sexually gratifying, ever the perfectly saucy figure looming behind the facade of plastered servitude, always ready with a smile and just enough subservience to remind the world just how far women have come in relation to beer. How did

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Kelsey Creek Brewing Company

Nestled under the shadow of a long dormant volcano not far from the banks of one of the largest lakes in California you’ll find Kelseyville.  It is a cozy town surrounded by rolling vineyards and lazy hills.  Thankfully, it is also home to Kelsey Creek Brewing Company. The nano brewery is tucked away in the

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The Selling out of Craft Beer

Another one bites the dust. With the news from California about brewery Saint Archer finding its way into the loving arms of macro brewing behemoth MillerCoors which was right on the heels of an announcement from craftbeer champion Lagunitas selling 50% of its ownership to Heineken craft beer lovers are sitting with distrustful stares into the

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Collaboration brew set to take the Marble City by storm

He didn’t plan to make beer history when he asked a brewer friend to help him craft a beer to pour at his booth during Brewfest, Knoxville’s seminal spring beer festival. What Zack Roskop did was strike a spark that lit a brewing powderkeg that would echo among the cities’ bars for years to come.


Beachfront dining on the Gulf coast at Schooners

With summer around the corner it is only fitting our intrepid food reporter found his way to Panama City Beach to dip his toes in the sand and sit down at the “Last Local Beach Club”, Schooners. Over the years, there have been many attempts to unite both the local community and groups of tourists