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Finding the soul in the Big Easy

“…I put a spell on you, because you’re mine…” Nina Simone’s words came to mind as the hotel shuttle barreled down the interstate towards what appeared to be the depths of New Orleans. I could not help feeling that my soul was on a string gently yet forcibly being pulled in the direction of the

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Yard Work and the Beauty of the Session Beer

Guest writer Lori Trentham shows us that it doesn’t have to only be craft beer to quench your thirst and that nothing quite pairs with lawn work like an ice cold brew. We all know when that time of the year comes around. The air is warmer and the sky seems bluer. Birds start chirping

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California water restrictions spell trouble for craft brewers

Slowly the great state of California has been drying up. Since 2011 California residents have been struggling with an ongoing drought that has forced them to reconsider the way they live, eat and drink.  Recently craft brewers and wine producers have also felt the pressure.  Now, California governor Jerry Brown has ordered mandatory water use

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Reza’s brings delicious Mediterranean food to Chicago

Billy Watson our intrepid foodie and ethnic food aficionado found himself in Chicago recently.  Lucky for us he stopped at Reza’s for some Mediterranean food. As the proverbial bear coming out of hibernation from the bitter cold of the southern United States, it was more than overdue for me to finally leave my house and seek

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The mad laboratory of the brothers Weidenhamer

With sandwiches like the Danny Davito and the Johnny Knoxville we were curious.  Then they mentioned a 5 pound hotdog.  And a giant PBR.  Curious Dog had us hooked the moment we looked through the window.    Matt Weidenhamer is a mad scientist.   Inside his laboratory, a small corner shop hidden down a side

Behind the Scenes

The Struggle To Get to California

I probably should have turned the car around and stayed home when I left the morning of my California adventure.  Having to trudge through a couple of inches of snow and ice should have been the first clue.  Weather be damned, I continued on dodging the slipping front-wheel drive cars and wheeling past confused motorists

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Union Jack’s English Pub

We visit one of Knoxville’s best known English pubs and are pleasantly surprised to find more beers than we could dream to drink! “Tell me what who you are and I’ll show you your drink.” I ordered a Ruby brewed by Olde Hickory Brewery in North Carolina and had taken a cozy side booth at Union Jack’s

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Mardi Gras at Burial Beer Company

It was the day after Valentines Day and we were wondering around downtown Asheville in search of some warmth.  It was brutally cold but somewhere came the unmistakable thump thump of live music.  Somewhere people were warm and having fun.  We rounded a corner, the wind whipping, and found ourselves onthe doorstep to Burial Beer Co.

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Truly hand crafted: Crafty Bastard Brewery

Knoxville’s newest nanobrewery could finally make Knoxville a beer destination. “You crafty bastard.” That was it.  Aaron McClain and Jen Parker, the brains behind Knoxville’s soon to open nanobrewery found their name.   Crafty Bastard Brewery will be something that Knoxville desperately needs.  They won’t be huge, they won’t distribute across the country, and they might

Brew News

A More Modern Craft Scene Coming To Mississippi?

Brewers in the Magnolia State could soon be getting some good news. One of the least progressive states with respect to craft beer might be about to leap ahead and bump shoulder with states that allow taprooms. Representative Toby Barker, Mississippi’s youngest lawmaker at the age of 32, is spearheading the Mississippi Microbrewery Modernization Act