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A Sinful Dessert and a Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington

Another city, another amazing burger, but is it really Washington D.C.’s best?   The hidden agenda for my travels doesn’t involve just beer.  It has always been to find a good hamburger.  The best hamburger.  We had already found it in Mississippi and until now, no where else in our travels has the throne of

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Paradise Found: Rumba Island Bar and Grill

We all enjoy summer vacations.  What more can be said other than you work or go to school the entire year for the opportunity to relax for a week or so.  Many opt to travel to exotic locations and some prefer to stay domestically with a trip to the closest beach.  With a week to

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A Look at Mississippi Beer Laws

Mississippi is in a weird position. The past few years have been really great for lovers of craft beer.  It isn’t perfect yet.   Laws have changed recently that open the state up for a surge in beer making. Sadly, this might not be enough to catapult the state into a beer-focused craft beer haven.

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A Perfect End at Lucky Town Brewing Company

It took two trips to Jackson, Mississippi to really pin down why Lucky Town Brewing Company was so special to us.  It was worth it.   They only make a handful of beers and they can’t even sell those beers at the brewery so why did we bother traveling three hours by plane from our

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Jackson’s Burger Haven: Cool Al’s

Cool Al’s is a simple burger joint on the outskirts of downtown Jackson that gave us probably the best burgers we had ever eaten.     What is it about the burger that is so inviting, so casual, so reliable? Is it the years of marketing that has engrained in the American people that they

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Food and Brews: Babalu Tacos and Tapas

Babalu, tucked into an old school gymnasium, floored me with their delicious food and tableside guacamole. They could have possibly been the best carnitas I ever had.   Well that’s a bold statement for me to make. I love carnitas, invariably ordering them every single time I visit a restaurant that even remotely resembles mexican

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Relax’n in Jackson: Alumni House Sports Grill

The first stop in Jackson was at a small hotel restaurant.  It turned out to be the perfect jumping off point.  What do you think of when you think of Jackson? I bet your mind is overrun with images of racial inequality, poverty, fried fish, barbecue, and blues.  What may not come to mind is Jackson’s

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Blues, Brews, and Barbecue – Jackson Mississippi

For the most part, Jackson flies under the radar.  Turns out the city really does have soul. What most people know of Mississippi’s state capital might be just what they gather from movies, songs, or hearsay.  Sucks for them.  Jackson, nestled just south of the middle of the state about two hours to the coast

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Making Sense of the Florida Growler Ban

You know the ban on growlers in Florida is silly.  Here we try to explain why the ban is so bad for the industry. What’s going on? In Florida if you want to purchase a growler you are limited to two choices, the quart sized 32-ounce and the hefty 128-ounce “gallon” size.  Unfortunately most of


Local Flight: American Tap Room

A flight of craft beers and a mouthwatering burger makes for the perfect airport pit stop at American Tap Room. Trying to decide where to catch your next flight? May I suggest the American Tap Room at Reagan National Airport? As an airline employee, I often find myself at the airport for work but this