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Collaboration brew set to take the Marble City by storm

He didn’t plan to make beer history when he asked a brewer friend to help him craft a beer to pour at his booth during Brewfest, Knoxville’s seminal spring beer festival. What Zack Roskop did was

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Finding the soul in the Big Easy

“…I put a spell on you, because you’re mine…” Nina Simone’s words came to mind as the hotel shuttle barreled down the interstate towards what appeared to be the depths of

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The Struggle To Get to California

I probably should have turned the car around and stayed home when I left the morning of my California adventure.  Having to trudge through a couple of inches of snow and ice should have been

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A Perfect End at Lucky Town Brewing Company

It took two trips to Jackson, Mississippi to really pin down why Lucky Town Brewing Company was so special to us.  It was worth it.   They only make a handful of beers and they can’t

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Jackson’s Burger Haven: Cool Al’s

Cool Al’s is a simple burger joint on the outskirts of downtown Jackson that gave us probably the best burgers we had ever eaten.     What is it about the burger that is so

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Food and Brews: Babalu Tacos and Tapas

Babalu, tucked into an old school gymnasium, floored me with their delicious food and tableside guacamole. They could have possibly been the best carnitas I ever had.   Well that’s a

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Relax’n in Jackson: Alumni House Sports Grill

The first stop in Jackson was at a small hotel restaurant.  It turned out to be the perfect jumping off point.  What do you think of when you think of Jackson? I bet your mind is

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Blues, Brews, and Barbecue – Jackson Mississippi

For the most part, Jackson flies under the radar.  Turns out the city really does have soul. What most people know of Mississippi’s state capital might be just what they gather from

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Road Trip Across NC – Part III – Asheville

The final leg of our trip landed us in Asheville where we found the best beers and breweries from the entire trip. It rained nearly the whole way to Winston-Salem, but we drove on.  We had a