Food and Brews: Full Service BBQ Maryville, TN

Maryville’s Full Service BBQ brings authentic and delicious barbecue to the barren bbq landscape of Eastern Tennessee.   BBQ is one of those things, much like politics and religion,

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Chocolate Car Bomb Cupcakes

If you’ve been to a bar anytime since the 1970s, you’ve more than likely heard someone order an Irish Car Bomb. Perhaps you’ve even ordered one for yourself and experienced the rich, creamy

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Happy Holler Gets Its Own Growler Shop

Officially Old North Knoxville’s newest bar and beer store has been open for a couple of weeks, however Saturday night was the actual grand opening to one of the hippest new beer joints in

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St. Patrick’s Day – How It Became A Delicious Holiday

When we take a look at the calendar in March we notice the one holiday that brings in Spring with jubilant revelrie.  Year after year the seventeenth of March we celebrate the Feast of Saint

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Brothers Mitch and Zach Silva show the right way to make a burger

We sat down with firefighter brothers Mitch and Zach Silva to try their signature hamburgers and drink a few brews they decided to bring along for a chill fall night around the fire pit. Have you