Brewhoppin focuses on food, travel and beer.  We feel that everyone has a story to tell and through our media we can share that story with the world.

What should I write?

This should be easy! Food and Beer?!  Got it!  Stories we want are magazine style, feature length long form stories.  Yeah that was a mouthful.  These stories are meant to go behind the food and beer to bring the audience a look beyond the curtain.  Examples such as:

  • Brewer Profiles - Features about what it took to go from idea to success. 
  • Unique Places - We think Brewnuts in Cleveland that serves both craft beer and craft donuts, and even craft beer donuts!  Or Insomnia Cookies which provides late night warm cookies and milk delivery.  Awesome!
  • Controversial Subjects - Beer laws and big macro breweries are a constant source of controversy.  There are also big food trends that go a bit deeper than your easy to digest stories like Food Trucks and the laws that keep them in line.
  • Other features -  The list goes on and on.  We want anything with a little meat and substance.  Found a crazy spearfisher who supplies local restaurants?  We want his life story!  Old drunk at the local dive who was a pioneer of food culture?  He' our guy!

Beat Reporting

While we don't have dedicated beat reporters yet, or writers that specialize in only one topic, we definitely encourage freelancers that want to write one.  We also accept short form (sub 1000 words) stories that cover news, events or announcements on their beat. 

As a beat reporter, or freelancer, we expect several stories on the same subject and a thorough knowledge of the subject.  Most beat reporters have honed and cultivated their sources and they are understood to be experts in their fields.

Examples of beats are Minnesota breweries, farm to fork in california, hop farms in the pacific northwest.  You get the idea.  Short sweet and specialized.


Average post length that we look for is between 800 and 1200 words for most content, and for feature length stories we expect 1500-2000 words or more.

Don't limit the story to a word count, tell it!  Your creativity shouldn't be limited.  Ever.


Yeah, actually.  We do pay. Pay is dependant upon content.  Features garner higher pay while beat reporters generally have higher pay frequency.

Links / Headlines / Edits

Links? We encourage them! Links that are relevant to the content are greatly encouraged because they help the readers get more out of the story. Throw them in there!

Headlines? You bet you can add your own headline, but we reserve the right to alter or enhance headlines.  If you don't have your own headline, don't worry.  We will get it done for you.

Edits? We will edit your work, but our editors strive to maintain your voice and story.  We aren't out to rewrite your work, otherwise we would have just done it ourselves!  Most editing comes down to correcting tense, grammar or spelling.  Very rarely does it involved major changes.  And of course, we will discuss all changes with you before going to publication.

Remember, editors make good writers great.


Because we are paying for content, we retain the rights to that specific content.  Because of this we often frown upon writers submitting and reposting to several outlets at the same time.  

Although it has been determined that it will not affect search results, if your work is published across a vast variety of places your voice will lose its authority.  

That being said, sharing and posting on social media platforms is greatly encouraged. Share it, talk it up and spread the word!

Ready to Submit?

Submit your draft or completed work to and include the following:

  • Your name, email address, personal website and social media handles.
  • Include a short bio. This can be in the body of the e-mail or in the story you submit.
  • Include the story as an attached Google Docs or Microsoft Word document.  

Regardless of our decision to publish or not, we WILL touch base with you to discuss writing and the next steps. We're looking forward to the stories you have to share!

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