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With a warm Brewhoppin welcome we would love to introduce Max Augustine, a guest blogger from Idaho.  To learn more about our Op-ed features check our the details here.  

Our Op-ed Policy

We love the opinions of our readers and the community. An op-ed or guest post is written by a member of the community.  These posts are not directly affiliated with … Read More

The truth of woman and beer: Ninkasi

Deep in the cradle of civilization, something more was brewing than mans’ intention of conquering the known world. Women were brewing their own ideas but these ideas would not disappear … Read More

I AM the Brewmaster!

I dare you to Google “beer ad”. There it is, the lopsided idea of what women are to beer. Sexually gratifying, ever the perfectly saucy figure looming behind the facade of … Read More

Beers line the wall at Curious Dog
The Selling out of Craft Beer

Another one bites the dust. With the news from California about brewery Saint Archer finding its way into the loving arms of macro brewing behemoth MillerCoors, which was right on the … Read More

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