Kristen Bailey


Kristen Bailey sipping an espresso.Eating and drinking her way around the globe

Kristen Bailey is a former journalist and a travel addict on her way to recovery. Just kidding. She’s on her way to the airport. Working as a flight attendant in her spare time, Kristen is a freelance writer living in the NYC area.

Originally from the deep fried South, she got her B.A. in Journalism before becoming a contributing writer for the Pensacola News Journal and Bella magazine. Masquerading as an English teacher, she moved to Tokyo in search of the best ramen. Recording her findings as a contributor to the Japan Travel website, Kristen learned to appreciate the zen of a cold beer while soaking in the hot springs.

Stateside, she’s still eating. And drinking.

Obsessed with food in general and brews abroad, Kristen chronicles her adventures in cuisine, curious things, and philanthropic causes on her blog: