It all started at a bar.

Two guys were drinking beer with their elbows on a bartop.  In front of them was an old cell phone filming their exploits.  They had grand plans to turn their casual drunken conversations into a massively popular YouTube channel.  

That never happened.  

But they did continue to drink.  They drank good beer, craft beer.  Their friends were foodies and chefs so they ate good too.  Finally, they were travellers.  On their adventures they started to uncover the stories behind the places they journeyed to.  It added color and flavor to already delicious food.  Then they realized those stories needed to be shared.  So they unearthed their little experiment and gave it another go.

And here we are…

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Eric was a computer science nerd turned journalism major through a stroke of bad luck.  He is a foodie who will eat just about anything, except for some of that weird Andrew Zimmern stuff.  He doesn’t like eyes and ears and toes in his chilli.

He believes in the power of good journalism and that everyone has a story of their own.  He-

Gah!  Enough of that third person stuff.

I started Brewhoppin to be the grand collaboration between my two loves: my love for travelling and my desire to get the story out of people involved with food and craft beer.

Of course having worked in the airline industry for half a decade sure helped.  But now, the obsession carries on and I still want to see the world and the adventures it has to offer.  And I want to share it with you, through my writing and the writings of other talented people.

So through this, combined with my “wit and charisma” (thanks Kevin), I will share our world and the stories we uncover with you.

Thanks for coming along.


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