Brewhoppin is telling the stories behind good food and craft beer.

We believe that every stop, hop, kitchen, brew pub and gin joint around the world comes with a great story.  Whether it is the women or men behind the brews or the moms and pops that started a food revolution, we want to share those stories.

Are you a writer with a story to tell?

Writing for Brewhoppin

Daily and weekly Brewhoppin brings a variety of stories to our fans and audience and we are growing every day.

If you homebrew, love good beer and food or just love to write we want you.

Never fear if you aren’t a Pulitzer winner.  Yes we want hungry professional writers to complement our editorial team as we grow but we don’t stop there.  We want all the hungry writers who need to get their voices out.  Get their feet wet and earn a few bylines.  Writers that can use Brewhoppin as a spring board to that Pulitzer of their own.

What Brewhoppin Wants

Our focus is on literary nonfiction.

Think of it like magazine cover stories.  These long reads tell a story without having to deal with an inverted pyramid and five paragraph rigors of news journalism.

We also want short pieces that feature a unique food or brew spot that stands out.  These Brew Bites allow our readers to quickly get recommendations by our staff on places we loved during our travels.

We don’t stop there, the opportunities keep on coming!

Submitting Your Pitch

Chomping at the bit?  Stomach growling because you’re so darn hungry to write your story?  Let’s do this.

Submit your pitch to and include the following information:

  • Your full name, e-mail address, personal website and any social media handles you want us to feature.
  • In less than 100 words, give a quick summary of the story you are interested in sharing.
  • Explain to us briefly how you feel that the story will relate to us and our audience. What will Brewhoppin’s readers get from your story?
  • Include a timeline on when you can have the story completed.

Regardless of our decision, we WILL get in touch with you, whether it is the next steps or advice.

We can’t wait to hear the story you have to tell!

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