We are simply an online magazine that covers food, travel and of course craft beer.

Paul enjoying a large beer.
Paul Dalhaimer from our Curious Dog story.

Separately those three things are gargantuan subjects with a diverse world of opinions and topics and events far too large for any one place to wish to cover.  

Yet here we are, covering all three.  You see, we want Brewhoppin to be different.  Yes we lead off with beer.  Craft beer is an intensely popular subject.  A subject that is frightfully self aware and comes with an audience that is simply mind boggling.  But Brewhoppin is all of those things.

But in the sea of voices and opinions, tastings and reviews, we want to be different.  For every brewer, brewery, travel destination, food stop or what have you there is a story begging to be told.  That story is waiting for us.

We also want to educate, despite the dam-bursting flood of new information and old coursework that stands before us.  So despite the hurdles, that is our mission.  

To entertain and educate those who love food, travel and craft beer and to do it by telling the stories of the people and places behind it.

For those that have a story and experience in mind and want to share it with our readers here are some of the guidelines we follow.

Style Guide

We follow the AP Style Guide as strictly as we can, although our preferred format is magazine feature.  In that regard we allow a lot looser format and flow for our stories.  We want anywhere from 500-3500 words.  

We also have a copy editor and all works approved will be ran by the editor to ensure accuracy, AP Style conformity anything that might need to be corrected in voice or style.


Photography is generally up to the writer, however for larger events or in an instance where a photographer might be needed, we will accommodate.  We would love to have all images sourced and credited by the writer.

If you find an image that has been used on our website without proper attribution, please get in touch with us!

Writing for us

For those that are interested in adding a voice to our community as a freelancer here is the kind of subject matter we are interested in.

Features – For a feature story we are looking for a long form magazine style article that showcases something in the world of food, beer or travel.  For example a local brewery.  We are not interested in writers who come to us with a simple review or list of beers or events.  We want to know the brewers.  The struggle to open.  The lives of those behind the beer.  Where did the name for that beer come from?

News – For news stories we want short, to the point newspaper style stories.  It really is that simple, but if the writer has a twist or spin that would create controversy and start conversations in the community, then we are chomping at the bit.

Investigative – For these stories we want our writers to dig deep and find out information behind a topic or subject that our readers would find fascinating.  This could be anything from “Who is the next small craft brewery to be sold to macro beer?” to “Famous hot dog grillery found putting cat meat in its brats.”  These stories could end up being breaking news or a simple spin on something we knew already.

Informative – These stories, much like our Brewschool section, are used to inform our readers.  This can relate to any subject such as homebrewing, travel tips or even how to order off the secret menu for In-N-Out burger.   We prefer the subjects to be different than whats out there and will not accept work that too closely resembles other work and other websites.

Photo essay – Simply put a large collection or slide show in pictures.  We ask that each photo have a description of the photo matter, but we will gladly welcome a full feature length piece that accentuates each photo.

As we grow each year our only vision to become a better and more trusted source for the food, travel and beer industries.  We want to learn more and see more and stand out among the crowds of bloggers and reviewers.  Thank you for listening.  Hop on.