The Brewhoppin Affiliate Policy


The what?

Kind of sounds a little fishy.  We thought so at first too.  What do they mean a "commission"?  Does that mean I pay extra?  We had questions.

After months of research we stopped being freaked out by the words affiliate and marketing.  It's a lot different than we thought.

Let us explain:

Brewhoppin uses affiliate links on certain sections of our website to link to products that we might earn a commission on. These links will direct you to products we have featured or talked about on the website.  While the prices you pay remain the same, because we are offering a chance for products to be sold, these companies we work with give us a commission.


The who?

Being as hesitant as most online denizens, we get worried who might be trying to sell us products.  So we decided to only use companies we trust.

We use Amazon and Adventures in Homebrewing to provide a means to purchase the items we talk about.  We trust them, and we have purchased from them for our own home brews.  And who doesn't use Amazon?

This section will remain updated if our affiliates change or are dropped.


But why?

We hate ads.  We hate them on tv, we hate them as pop ups, and we get weirded out by them in our Instagram feed.

That being said, we still need to pay writers, pay for hosting and storage, and pay for the beer and meals we eat.  Plus those giveaways don't pay for themselves you know!

So we had to find a way that we could support the website without forcing our readers to see ads.  Patreon requires a lot of faith and generosity from our readers, but affiliate marketing is fairly discreet.  We prefer discreet.  And, affiliate links seems to be working.

Boy do we hate ads.


Ok but where?

We have decided that the only place that is appropriate for affiliate links is in the Brewschool section.  Here, we offer education and product suggestions on home brewing.  It fits.  Its unobtrusive, and if you are reading about home brewing you are interested in it.  And eventually will need to buy ingredients or gear.

We will never place ads or affiliate links in the main content of Brewhoppin.  Not in the news or features or other content.  Only in Brewschool.


How do I avoid them?

Still hesitant?  We don't blame you.

In addition to plenty of forewarning before you click a link, as well as on the sidebar of all Brewschool stories, we style the links in a very visible way.  Check this out.

A non-affiliate link to no where.  And here is an affiliate link to no where.

If you can't see the link then your ad blocker hid it from you.  Kinda cool eh?

When you see images or links with that color scheme or border, you can be sure it will be an affiliate link.  Avoid it if you must, the words remain the hard work of Brewhoppin staff.

If we are paid for any content, we will boldly and blatantly make it known.  We aren't hiding a thing.

Thank you for reading this.  Please reach out with questions or concerns about our affiliate or advertising policy.