The truth of women and beer: Witches

“Then put it again into the Cauldron, and boil it an hour or an hour and a half. Then put it into a Woodden-vessel to cool, which will require near forty hours for a hogshead.” -Scotch Ale from my Lady … Read More

The truth of woman and beer: Ninkasi

Deep in the cradle of civilization, something more was brewing than mans’ intention of conquering the known world. Women were brewing their own ideas but these ideas would not disappear with the sand. These ideas were born of yeast, grains, … Read More

I AM the Brewmaster!

I dare you to Google “beer ad”. There it is, the lopsided idea of what women are to beer. Sexually gratifying, ever the perfectly saucy figure looming behind the facade of plastered servitude, always ready with a smile and just enough subservience … Read More

Trappist Beer Part I – History of the Monks

There is a lot of fuss about all these abbey beers or Trappist beers. Why do both beer snobs and connoisseurs swear that these beers by these hermetic monks tucked away in Belgium monasteries are the greatest liquid to grace any taste … Read More