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I AM the Brewmaster!

I dare you to Google “beer ad”.

There it is, the lopsided idea of what women are to beer.

Sexually gratifying, ever the perfectly saucy figure looming behind the facade of plastered servitude, always ready with a smile and just enough subservience to remind the world just how far women have come in relation to beer.

How did we get from the mundane household chore of brewing for nourishment to a nearly exclusive “all boys club” trade?

We were curious too so we started to dig in and did our research.  It blew us away.

This quest for understanding threw us far into history and pulled us back, century by century and decade by decade, until a pattern started to emerge.  A pattern that was woven by small steps, interesting ideas and simple jealousy that would lead to beer life as we know it today. We decided to share the intrigue with you.

In the stories to come for this series, we will provide you with titillating historical facts and satire that will fill you with information while also leaving you scratching your head as to why you’re not a Brewster (female brewer).

From Goddesses to witches to first wives  I am the Brewmaster! will be ­so jam packed with female pride even the men will be questioning their place in the beer world.

Part I: Ninkasi
Part II: The Vikings
Part III: Witches

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