The Selling out of Craft Beer

Another one bites the dust. With the news from California about brewery Saint Archer finding its way into the loving arms of macro brewing behemoth MillerCoors which was right on the heels of an announcement from craftbeer champion Lagunitas selling 50% … Read More

A More Modern Craft Scene Coming To Mississippi?

Brewers in the Magnolia State could soon be getting some good news. One of the least progressive states with respect to craft beer might be about to leap ahead and bump shoulder with states that allow taprooms. Representative Toby Barker, … Read More

A Look at Mississippi Beer Laws

Mississippi is in a weird position. The past few years have been really great for lovers of craft beer.  It isn’t perfect yet.   Laws have changed recently that open the state up for a surge in beer making. Sadly, … Read More

Making Sense of the Florida Growler Ban

You know the ban on growlers in Florida is silly.  Here we try to explain why the ban is so bad for the industry. What’s going on? In Florida if you want to purchase a growler you are limited to … Read More

Spencer Trappist Ale: American Monks Making Beer

America’s only Trappist brewery begins shipping. It’s lauded as some of the finest beer in the world. The word garners excitement to beer snobs, hipsters and know-nothings alike.  It is a mysterious brew in the upper echelon of brews to enjoy. … Read More

Brewhoppin into the New Year

2014 : The Year That Started It All Man did 2013 whiz by.   It is always easy to say that at the end of the year.  For us here at Brewhoppin the end of the year doesn’t mean as … Read More