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Spencer Trappist Ale: American Monks Making Beer

America’s only Trappist brewery begins shipping.

It’s lauded as some of the finest beer in the world. The word garners excitement to beer snobs, hipsters and know-nothings alike.  It is a mysterious brew in the upper echelon of brews to enjoy.  There are only ten authentic Trappist breweries in the entire world and a small town in Massachusetts has America’s first and only of its kind and you can get the beer now if you live in Massachusetts.

If you are confused about what a Trappist beer is, or if you find yourself excited about this but not sure why check out our BrewSchool article about Trappist Beers.

Spencer, Mass. is only a short drive from Worcester but cuddled inside the confines of the Spencer State Forest lies Saint Joseph’s Abbey.  Sixty-three monk brothers live and work here in the abbey which have been known locally for their preserves for the last sixty years but are now in the world-wide spotlight because of their beer.

A trappist monk at the Spencer Brewery looks into a brew tank.
Photo: Nick Hiller/The Spencer Brewery

Why beer?  Besides the long-standing tradition of Trappist monks and their beer, the St. Joseph monks needed to make a little more money to help fund repairs and improvements to their abbey.  Years and years the brothers at the abbey have sustained themselves with their preserves, religious garments, and jellies.  However this wasn’t enough and the monks took off on a five year fact finding and beer brewing mission that took them all the way to Europe and back, guided by some of the biggest names in brewing today.

Mentored by Chimay as well as with help from local Massachusetts residents Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project they created a lighter (by Trappist standards) beer that is meant for drinkability.  It weighs in at 6.5% which still makes it a bit stronger than most American beers but was designed by the monks to be a beer that they would drink.

For more information on the monks and the Spencer Brewery check out the links below.  Also look forward to our own review and report on the beer itself when we get it in our grasp soon!

American Beer Fans, Praise The Heavens: A Trappist Brewery In U.S.

Spencer Trappist Ale, first Trappist beer in America, launches in Mass.

Spencer Brewery




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