Brewhoppin into the New Year

2014 : The Year That Started It All

Man did 2013 whiz by.  

It is always easy to say that at the end of the year.  For us here at Brewhoppin the end of the year doesn’t mean as much as the beginning of 2014 does. As the clocks click over to midnight on New Years Eve it means for us an entire year of fresh days to go out and do what we were meant to do.

As of right now we may not have any readers.  Or the readers we do have will stumble into the archives of posts past and see this and wonder how we ever got started.  Even better our insatiable fans far into the future are looking back at our earlier work to see how the incredible and inimitable Brew Hoppers got our starts.

Historical picture of the Ball in NYC lit up.

Well this is it.  Our start.  We are going to write our hearts out.  Pour our emotions into whatever bottomless beer mugs, steins, pints and growlers we can to find the absolute best beers, best bars and best grub houses across America and beyond.  We want to be here when someone wonders “where’s the best place to go for a drink” and give you the best.

We want to find the best brewers and crafters and show them to the world and help them get a loving push into the mouths of you lot.  We want their beers in your pints and it will be our mission to accomplish this.

We are also going to show you how to make that liquid gold of your own.  We’re going to walk you through the valley of the shadow of hops and you will come out a stronger beer snob than you ever thought possible.  Not only that, you will enjoy every last drop and appreciate the people behind the brews because you can make your own.

So as the last seconds of 2013 waste away we’re chomping at the bit to be the beer and brewhouse, home brewer and master brewer resource you’ve always wanted.  Find us on Facebook, find us on Twitter.  Follow us on Pinterest and read us every week. Tell us where your favorite bars are so we can go there and show it to the world.

Thanks future fans.  We already love you more than you know.

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