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West Side Market: Cleveland’s Food Epicenter

Hidden among the neighborhoods of Cleveland’s metro and suburbs are gems like The Christmas Story house and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  It is also home to one of the “largest theater districts outside of New York“.  
So it’s not surprising for the “Mistake on the Lake” to be home to a genuine foodies paradise.
West Side Market, having been around since the turn of last century, has brought fresh vegetables, farm raised meats and artisian goods to Cleveland gourmands for generations.  Most of the stalls remain open and stocked year round, with some having been family owned for the life of the market.  Since 1912.
Most Clevelanders who do shop here keep coming back for very good reason.
Below is a glimpse at a day among the shops of West Side Market by photographer Kevin Rodriguez
Its a shame the smells of bacon, roasted coffee and hot pierogies don’t come with these pictures.

West Side Market is open daily but hours depend on the season.  Visit http://westsidemarket.org/ for the most up to date schedules.  Interested in prints?  Visit the Brewhop Shop or contact us at sales@brewhoppin.com for more information.

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