The Brewhoppin Beer Glossary

For those moments when you just aren't sure what we mean by that.




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abbey beers -  Abbey beers are a type of beer usually associated with Trappist monks. In many cases these aren't really trappist beers but are brewed similarly. Much like champagne is sparkling wine if made outside of Champagne, abbey beer is beer brewed outside of a monastery.
- Synonyms: abbey beer
ABV -  Alcohol by volume.  It is the measure of the amount of alcohol in a given liquid.  It is calculated by measuring the liquids specific gravities at different times of the brewing process.
agoraphobe -  Ahh, you must be reading a Billy Watson story... Agoraphobia is the fear of crowded or enclosed spaces.
alewifes -  A woman who keeps an alehouse.  A woman brewer.  
Strangely enough, also a foodfish of the herring family.  

- Synonyms: alewife