Brewhoppin to cover your head.

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  • Brewhoppin Fitted Cap

    Made to keep the sun out of your eyes and your unwashed hair out of the public, this fitted cap is the perfect example of what a fitted, embroidered Brewhoppin hat should look like.

    not rated $25.00
  • Hophead Fitted

    As if the trucker hat wasn’t enough, a particular hop head said they were stupid.  So here is a fitted cap.  To appease him.  And you.  You’re right, this is a nice hat.

    not rated $25.00
  • Hophead Hat

    We like hops, you like hops.  Why should your hat say anything more?  People will see your hat and know.  And then they will ask where you got the hat.

    “I know a guy.”  Well played.

    not rated $20.00
  • Knit Logo Beanie

    A quality beanie with an embroidered logo. Not only can you show your friends you love good beer, but you can stay warm and fashionable while you’re at it.

    not rated $20.00
  • The Professional Hat

    The only way to show people exactly what you’re made of is to spell it out. Across your forehead.

    This hat will take do the heavy lifting for you and proclaim loudly that you are a professional.


    Go you.

    not rated $22.00
  • Trucker Cap

    Why not?  Trucker hats are for beer and yard work.  And fashion.  And all the inbetweens except opera, funerals and formal dances.

    Until you, you fashion gangster.

    not rated $20.00