Eating Our Way Through St. Patrick’s Day Like An Irish

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Eating Our Way Through St. Patrick’s Day Like An Irish

Five dishes from start to finish to soak up the booze.

We have suddenly arrived at one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year.  

Between light beers dyed green and Irish Ales the color Patrick himself intended, kegs and kegs will be consumed on the first St. Paddy’s Day to fall on a Saturday in six years.  

Hangovers aside, it is easy to forget one of the best traditions that surround the holiday isn’t slinging back car bombs and shots of Irish whisky.  It’s the food. Of course it is the food.

Today is our celebration of authentic Irish cuisine staples.  And on the one day that everyone is allowed to be Irish, why not eat like them too?

Here’s how to eat like an authentic St. paddy’s Day reveler.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Much to our dismay, this isn’t an authentic Irish dish.  It is an Irish-American dish that has been connected to the holiday for ages and for that we are grateful.

Corned beef is essentially a brisket-like cut of meat that is salt cured or brined.  The large grain salt, formerly called “corns” are where the name comes from.

Originally the dish was cabbage and bacon but when Irish immigrants moved to America in the 19th century it was replaced with the salt-cured beef as it was cheaper and readily available in the States.

The popularity of the dish surged through the years and eventually became synonymous with the holiday.  Irish and traditional families throw the salted beef into a single pot or slow cooker along with cabbage and other root vegetables and serve it up after several hours.  

Want to mix it up?  Other traditional meats that can be used are lamb or bacon.  Why stop there? Make one of each!

A plate of Irish corned beef and cabbage with carrots.
Stock photo

Irish Soda Bread

Soda bread often gets mixed reviews.  Served traditionally with other Irish meals, this quick bread has been called an inferior version of southern biscuits while others love how hearty it is and use it to sop up heavy soups.

Our advice?  Butter. Lots of butter.  

Our favorite recipe comes from Serious Eats:

Irish Stew

Use your soda bread to soak up the flavor of this stew.  

Think of it as the dictionary definition of hearty.  Lamb and root veggies like carrots and potatoes mixed with butter and herbs then slow cooked until it all falls apart.  Perfect for warming the bones as the last of winter refuses to go away.

Noticing the trend?  Rib-sticking goodness to soak up all that whisky.  Perfection.

Two bowls of irish stew.


This next dish isn’t just mashed potatoes.  Well it basically is, but that’s not the point.  

Colcannon combines potatoes, seasoning, cream and cabbage (or kale) into a flavorful filling side dish.  Again the Irish combine cabbage and boiling water to create something amazing. Especially if bacon is added.

Incredibly easy to make and slap alongside your carb load of soda bread and irish stew.  

Colcannon irish potato side with kale.
Photo courtesy of


The Irish even have a dessert made from boiling stuff!  

Boiled bread, cream, sugar and spices that ends up being a soggy mess very similar to bread pudding.  Messy but delicious. While not something typically consumed on St. Patrick’s day, it is definitely authentic.

Authenticity always tastes good.  

Finding a recipe for this dessert is tough but during our research we found the most amazing version at The Gracious Pantry.  Go.  Go make it.

A blug mug full of Irish dessert Goody.
Photo from The Gracious Pantry.


And there you have it.  From appetizer to dessert we give you an Irish meal fit for a Saint and ready to soak up all the booze and beer consumed in the revelry. Don your green, sing loudly and celebrate voraciously.

Like the Irish do.

From Brewhoppin we raise our mugs and forks to you.  Sláinte!


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