The Best BBQ in Tennessee is at Maryville’s Full Service BBQ

Maryville’s Full Service BBQ brings authentic and delicious barbecue to the barren bbq landscape of Eastern Tennessee. It might just be the best bbq in Tennessee too. 

BBQ is one of those things, much like politics and religion, that people will get up in arms about. Being nestled between both Memphis and North Carolina BBQ territory, there is more than enough to fight over in East Tennessee. Despite your preferences Full Service BBQ in Maryville is the best in the area.

It is really just an old gas station with weathered picnic tables where the pumps would be, cornhole, a giant checker board, and a few smokers spitting out the most flavorful smoke you’ve ever stuck your nose near. You could grab a spoon and be ok with that as an appetizer. Who cares that it’s a repurposed petrol place. They do it right.

Brisket sandwich with onions jalapenos and bbq sauce.
The large brisket sandwich is served with onions and jalapenos on the side. Mouthwatering comes naturally.

Full Service BBQ has been a neighborhood staple since 2007 when head chef Anthony DiFranco III, a Tennessee native, decided to turn what was once a small service station along Maryville’s busiest streets into a simple BBQ joint. The menu isn’t huge, nor does it have to be. Two types of sandwiches in two sizes, ribs of course, and pulled pork or brisket in bulk comes standard, but their specialty items, sides, and desserts are just as killer. They have nachos, smoked sausages, a “Big Boy Box” with all the meats and the unrivaled Hawg Dog, a simple hot dog topped with slaw, chili, and barbecue.

Need to feed an army? They do it too with large platters and the even the holidays are prime bbq time. They smoke turkey and hams for holiday parties and get togethers. DiFranco also keeps the menu fresh with specials that change up based on the day or month. Smoked wings go fast, and the Turkey Bacon Cheddar sandwich makes what could have been a tired combo into something amazing.

It isn’t just the food that brings people in. DiFranco and his crew are awesome. They work hard and bring the food fast. They know a good deal of their customers by name and welcome newcomers like they were already regulars. Although the summers at Full Service BBQ are hard to beat the place still has a line of hungry BBQ-seekers even with the winter chill creeping on us.

Smoker and Firewood
A smoker sits out front to guide hungry passerbys in.

This spring DiFranco is giving Knoxville some of that sweet smokey love too by opening another location in an old Central Perk drive-in in northern Knoxville. It will be a welcome addition to the city, especially because most of the residents have no idea what kind of food gem they have just 20 miles north in Maryville. Full Service BBQ will be competing with other Knoxville BBQ places like Chandler’s.

For those hungry for the region’s best smoked meat products, Full Service BBQ is open daily from 11am to 9pm. They can be reached at (865) 981-4414.  Homepage and Menu


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