Gordon Ramsay Burger’s Menu Won’t Leave You Broke In Vegas

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NOTE: At the time of publishing, Planet Hollywood has now reopened for visitors.  For a full list of guidelines, alongside the current menu offerings and safety and sanitation standards Gordon Ramsay Burger is implementing for its guests, please visit Caesar’s Entertainment website.

For those who checked out my extensive feature of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas, you know I was absolutely astounded at not only the food’s explosive flavor but also by the warm and professional level of service I received.  

While a dinner like that is not routine, the tab totaled out to a monstrous $225, I wanted to see if Chef Ramsay’s other restaurants on the Strip could offer an elevated flavor experience while keeping the lining of my wallet intact.  As my good fortunes would find, Gordon Ramsay actually forayed into the burger arena at Planet Hollywood with Gordon Ramsay Burger.  

Its location is easy to find, with a sign engulfed in flames around the moniker, letting everyone know in this restaurant, the grill does the talking.  Here, patrons will find not only the titular burgers but also a plethora of gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives.  And to help best accommodate vegetarians, Gordon Ramsay Burger will allow patrons to order ANY burger on the menu with a plant-based patty for a surcharge of $6.The menu at Gordon Ramsay Burger is delightfully simple.

The burgers can come with sides such as fries and onion rings.  And of course, with it being Las Vegas, there are house cocktails readily available.  Yet, since the burger is at the forefront of the concept, I opted for the simplest option available to see if the flavor of the beef matches the tomahawk steak from Hell’s Kitchen: the Backyard Burger.

Simplicity is what I received but that is by no means a bad thing.  See, at Gordon Ramsay Burger, you will notice on a visit that at the tables, seasonings like salt and pepper and condiments like ketchup and mustard are completely absent.  For good reason: the burger does not need it.  The level of moisture of the patty was perfectly balanced and the blend of beef to fat allows for a level of flavor I had not experienced since Guy’s Burgers aboard Carnival Cruise Lines.  And to top it off were some house pickles, butter lettuce, and melted American cheese.  It’s what any burger lover could ask for.  This burger’s name gave me the intonation that I was indeed enjoying this fresh off a backyard grill.

As my side, I chose the onion rings paired with chipotle ketchup and southwestern ranch.  The onion rings are fried to a golden brown and the batter to onion ratio was, again, nothing short of perfect.  As a note, sides are not included in the cost of the burger, purchased separately.  These onion rings were definitely worth the cost.

Which begs the question: which bank loaned me the small fortune to enjoy this meal?  

To the delight of many, and what brings patrons back visit after visit, the affordability of Gordon Ramsay Burger is undeniable when comparing to its competitors along the Strip.  For this elevated backyard feast, the burger was a meager $17.95 and the onion rings were an additional $10.  That totals to a surprising $27.95, for a meal at a GORDON RAMSAY concept.  For anyone looking for a gourmet burger without all the staunchness of upscale steakhouses, Gordon Ramsay Burger delivers the perfect experience for only a fraction of the cost!  Plan your visit accordingly though as more times than not, the queue to enter is over an hour and they do not accept reservations.  With a Caesars Diamond status, you can skip the line entirely, a perk for those who still debate giving your dollars to while in Las Vegas.

Taken a trip to Las Vegas and experienced the best burger on the Strip at Gordon Ramsay Burger?  Tell us about your experience in the comments below!  The Gordon Ramsay experience doesn’t end here!  More features on Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips are to come in a future Brew Bite!  Until then, don’t be an idiot sandwich.

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