Reza’s brings delicious Mediterranean food to Chicago

Billy Watson our intrepid foodie and ethnic food aficionado found himself in Chicago recently.  Lucky for us he stopped at Reza’s for some Mediterranean food.
Exterior and glowing sign of Reza's
The Reza’s sign lights up the sidewalk outside the restuarant. Photo by Fabie de Silva Photography

As the proverbial bear coming out of hibernation from the bitter cold of the southern United States, it was more than overdue for me to finally leave my house and seek out another eatery to share with the world.  And with this, I decided to take a trip to Chicago on a whim to visit a near and dear friend and to take in the sights and smells of the city.  As a novice to the offerings of the Windy City, I was clueless at being able to select one restaurant that has the “it” factor out of the nearly hundred I counted in the passenger seat of our car.  After some deliberation, and a personal recommendation, it was time to partake in some Persian and Mediterranean cuisine at Reza’s.

While Reza’s has three locations, we opted to select the North Clark location due to convenience in relation to the location of my hotel.  When we visited, Reza’s was certainly not bustling and the ambiance added to the overall quaintness of its location.  Reza’s offers many traditional Persian and Mediterranean dishes such as the world famous falafel, kabobs, kebbeh (a choice of either a ground beef or lamb patty stuffed with peppers, onions and spices) as well as a menu comprised of vegan items to cater to everyone.

After a swift glance over the menu, I immediately had my eyes set on a dish of lamb kabobs served with a hearty portion of in-house couscous and grilled vegetables.  Reza’s compliments every entree order with a generously portioned serving of flatbread and the soup of your choice (for this trip, I chose the hearty chicken and barley soup).  I can honestly say without any hesitation that Reza’s serves the best Mediterranean food, hands down.  They do have the accolade from the locals as being one of the best in the area.  The lamb kabobs were served grilled to a perfect medium and were so tender that they could be easily sliced with a fork.  Subsequent visits to Reza’s on my dime will definitely have to be for the kabobs although I would like to see if the rest of the menu measures up.  Their website also advertises “legendary” weekday buffets, so another visit could easily be allocated for that.

Lamb kabobs, couscous, a tomato on a plate.
Lamb kabobs and Couscous. Photo by Billy Watson

While my last two stories have focused on the super casual fare of dining at rock bottom prices, the same could not be said of Reza’s.  Offering an upscale dining environment that is supplemented with an excellent level of service, Reza’s menu pricing for dinner entrees can vary from $15-30.  My entree with drink and tip totaled to around $27.  However, as long as the food is exceptional and it is coupled alongside a platinum level of service, I do not mind spending more for an elevated dining experience.  In relation to this location, a word of warning should be mentioned that due to the amount of other commercial shops and restaurant in the area, parking is extremely limited.  But not to fret, Reza’s has their own parking alley manned from opening to closing with their own attendant to make sure your vehicle and valuables remain safe.

For those who are feeling adventurous, Reza’s is more than worth the trip to the Windy City.  Not only do you receive some of the most bountiful portions and flavorful bites of Mediterranean cuisine this side of the Atlantic Ocean, but you are also treated like family with a level of service that will not break the bank.

Reza’s has 3 locations within the greater Chicago area and hours and daily specials vary between each location.  For more information, or to reserve your table today, visit www.rezasrestaurant.com.  

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