The Gallows – Boston’s Dark and Rustic Hangout

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Brew Bites – Short reads about our long adventures.

A giant Ouija board covered the wall greeting us as we came through the door.  Ominous?  The light above the giant “no” seemed to glow a little brighter.

Surely it was our imagination.

Inside was rustic and warm, from the low glow of the light bulbs to the stone and brick bar.  The Gallows is a much needed reprise from the chill Boston air that whipped through the steel corridors of the city.

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In search of a burger and a beer we were guided by suggestions to try the South End hot spot.  The lunch menu wasn’t huge, with just enough choices to hit all the marks.  A handful of burgers ranging from $15 for a classic L-T-O burger to $19 for the pork-belly and egg topped Maverick. 

I chose the BK Lounge, priced in the middle of the pack which is an upscale adaptation of a fast food favorite.  Perfectly cooked with a touch of pink, it was decorated with shaved onions and a special sauce that hinted at thousand-island roots. 

Other fan favorites and perennial menu rock stars are the Simple Poutine and the Scotch Egg which have held a spot on the menu since the restaurant opened in 2010.  Scotch Eggs are a protein manifesto with soft cooked eggs wrapped in crispy sausage.  Poutine, if you’ve never had the pleasure, is a Canadian import taking the culinary world by storm with gravy-topped french-fries garnished with creamy cheese curds. 

Tap handles at the bar welcome local beers from Boston to Maine but the bartenders specialize in creative mixed drinks that mirror some of the trendiest craft cocktail bars.  Try the Brazen Bull if you want to get scorched with its jalapeno and scotch bonnet-infused vodka. 

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The Gallows is open daily at noon through the week, 11 on Saturday and another hour earlier on Sunday for brunch. They close late. We recommend the burger.  We always recommend a burger.

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