True Italian and Huge Portions at Villa Rosa

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Brew Bites – Short reads about our long adventures.

With a barrage of extreme winter weather hitting the eastern United States, even the toughest shiver from the chill.  While some choose a hot beverage to warm their innards, I prefer a “rib-sticking” home cooked meal to put me in a righteous food coma.  

I’ve always been drawn to a heaping plate of homemade pasta topped with a robust sauce.

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My latest journey takes me to the city of Greensboro where an enormous Italian feast awaits at Villa Rosa Italian Restaurant and Grill.  Villa Rosa’s menu is extensive with Italian staples from pizza to pasta to steak prepared with unique Italian flare.  Not a stranger to spice, I opted for the Chicken Arrabbiata (literally translated as angry chicken).  The dish of penne pasta and slices of cooked chicken breast are tossed in a sauce spiced very liberally with red chili flakes and cherry peppers.  

To say this chicken dish is “angry” is an understatement.  

Each component builds upon the others for a furious level of spice that is slightly subdued by the tomato base.  Before taking a bite, I had to pick my jaw up from the table from utter amazement at the portion size.  

First time visitors will more than likely take leftovers home as the portion sizes are gigantic.  While giant portion sizes can sometimes compromise the integrity of flavor in a dish, these dishes continue to deliver the same level of flavor from the first bite to the last.  

Villa Rosa serves a lunch menu every day with many items at an affordable $6 for the same portions as dinner without the side salad.  For a cheap and filling lunch, order the lasagna but for those wanting something unique, I recommend the Chicken Arrabbiata.  

To further support the local business,  grab a bottle of their homemade marinara sauce on your way out.

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Villa Rosa Italian is open daily at 11 am until 10 pm through the week and 11 pm on weekends. Kids eat free on Sundays.  

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