Exterior of Bludso's Bar & Que

Brew Bites – Short reads about our long adventures.

It’s hard to find good barbecue on the west coast. 

You want tacos? Find a food truck. You want fruit covered in Tajin? Look on any street corner.  But barbecue?  Genuine, smoke-ringed Texas barbecue that makes you want to slap your mama?  Not likely. 

Believe it or not, there’s a well-known cure for the itch and it’s in the middle of LA.  Not far from the infamous Pink’s hot dog stand and near the La Brea Tar Pits is Bludso’s Bar & Que — a true example of southern delicacy and slow smoked meaty goodness. 

Bludso’s has it, all of which are slow cooked for over fourteen hours over real hard woods.  Like God and Texas intended.  Then it’s served family style by weight.  Want a pound?  You do you. 

A sheet pan of smoked meats from Bludso's Bar and Que
//PHOTO – Smoked meats from Bludso’s Bar and Que – Credit: Bludso’s

Sides include staples like potato salad, which is a bit heavy on the mustard, collard greens, mac n’ cheese, and seasoned fries. Then there’s the corn bread. Slathered with their honey butter, piping hot it is the perfect accompaniment to pulled pork, fatty brisket or a hot link. Just look at it.

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The bar is fully stocked, a proper assortment of beers and all that, but let’s be clear. There’s sweet tea here and not that lemon infused syrup other places try to pass for a drink. It’s legit. And they have Cheerwine

I think we’re done here. 

Exterior of Bludso's Bar & Que

We kind of have a thing for barbecue so you know the full story on Bludso’s is coming but for now check them out online at https://www.barandque.com.  If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, they offer nationwide shipping! Life is good when barbecue is involved.