Paczki from City Girl Donuts in Cleveland.

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It's Pronounced "poonch-kee" - The Paczki

The Polish treat that only comes once a year.

I knew there was something up when all the area bakeries had lines out the door well before dawn.  

“Seems like a lot of fuss for some King Cake,” I mused.  I would be wrong.  

In northern Ohio, where Polish blood runs thick, including the nearby areas of Detroit, Chicago and any other region with similar heritage, they celebrate Fat Tuesday with a different dessert.  Without the toy choking hazard. And it is definitely not just a donut. It's the packzki.

A plate full of paczki donuts.
Photo: Wikicommons

Similar in shape and appearance to a jelly done on steroids, these treats feature a much sweeter yeast and egg dough, richer and heavier than other pastries. And a dash of Spiritus for good measure.  Insides are pumped full of fruit fillings that vary from apple and cherry to the more obscure like apricot and prune. Powdered sugar tops them, but variations can see them glazed or iced.   

“But why the fuss?” I scoff.  Turns out these elusive pastries only come once a year.  Hysteria ensues for good reason.

The celebration, Paczki Day, falls on the day before Ash Wednesday, the day that marks the end of worldwide celebrations and the beginning of Lent for Catholics. There are even parades in some parts of the midwest.  Why wouldn’t you have a parade!?

While the humble paczki might not carry the same weight that a clutch of beads and a colorful king cake or beinet might have, we don’t care.  Not at all.  

I’ve quickly learned to stop being surprised when the mixed bag of heritage and food traditions of the Rust Belt combine into amazing feasts and celebrations. The food has never disappointed and the revelries have always been spirited.  

Na zdrowie!

A fruit filled paczki stock photo.
Photo: Stock photo.
Paczki from City Girl Donuts in Cleveland.
Photo: City Girl Donuts - Facebook

Most local bakeries in the mid-west carry the paczki but if you are reading this we assume they are already sold out.  However with a little sleuthing they can be found year-round.  We will update this as we find them.