Burgers On The High Seas: Guy’s Burger Joint

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Brew Bites – Short reads about our long adventures.

UPDATE: Carnival Cruise Lines are currently under a no sail order from the CDC due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19.  Be advised that even though cruising may still have not yet resumed by the time you read this, the purpose of this article is to provide positive reading material and an acclaimed recommendation for dining should you or your family plan a cruise with Carnival Cruise Line in the future.

“Hey everybody, I’m Guy Fieri looking for America’s greatest diners, drive-ins, and– ”…Whoops!

It’s an almost instantly recognizable tagline and some say hearing it while seeing celebrity chef Guy Fieri cruising down the road with his spiky blonde hair and a fiery button-down shirt is an immediate trip to the realm of Flavortown.  

And to that, I would agree.  

In the modern age of social media and approachable television, Guy Fieri has become a household name for those wanting new food in new locations.  Some even take trips to the restaurants he visits only on the predication of his past visits.  So in 2011 when Carnival Cruise Line was looking for a spokesperson for their Funship 2.0 project, guess who they called?  And from then on cruisers were treated to what might be the best burger at sea at Guy’s Burger Joint.

Here, simplicity is key.  

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No frills, no fancy set up of any sort, just a single menu board with options to order the burger your mouth and mind have been craving.  All the burgers are an 80/20 beef blend for the perfect ratio of moisture to meat in each bite and it’s served between a buttered bun.  

There are options to please everyone.  My personal favorite is the “Chillius Maximus”, a beast of a burger with two patties, an onion ring, heaping spoonfuls of chili on top, and some donkey sauce slathered on the bun.  The burger is so flavorful and perfectly executed that I make it my mandatory meal on embarkation day as well as during the cruise.  

What in the world is donkey sauce? It’s simply Guy’s signature garlic aioli and the perfect accompaniment for every burger.  Fries are included and directly adjacent is a fixing station that has every garnish from lettuce to jalapenos to maple bourbon bbq sauce so you can finish the burger any way you please.

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Why is Guy’s Burgers so popular on Carnival vessels? To put it simply, it is an instant trip to Flavortown.  Everything is executed flawlessly with an outstanding level of service from the staff, all included in the cost of your cruise fare.

Guy’s Burger Joint is currently available on every vessel in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet. Hours of operation vary during sailings and port days so consult the FunTimes during your cruise. Additionally, Guy’s Burger Joint is expanding off ship to a select number of airports across the globe.

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