Mussels in Brussels
Mussels in Brussels – Day 3

Scott’s travels through Belgium come to an end as he and his wife Erin finally track down Belgian waffles and one more go at mussles..  Missed an episode?  Check out Part … Read More

Brew School

Brew School | Home Brewing Top Homebrew Kits for 2018 March 20, 2018 by Staff Writer Homebrewing sucks. It can be messy, time consuming and frustrating. Yet people still do … Read More

Affiliate Policy

The Brewhoppin Affiliate Policy   The what? Kind of sounds a little fishy.  We thought so at first too.  What do they mean a “commission”?  Does that mean I pay … Read More

Mussels in Brussels – Day 2

Scott’s travels through Belgium continue as he and his wife Erin visit the Belgian city of Bruges.  Missed part one?  Check it out here. On our second day in Brussels we … Read More

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