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St. Patrick’s Day – How It Became A Delicious Holiday

When we take a look at the calendar in March we notice the one holiday that brings in Spring with jubilant revelrie.  Year after year the seventeenth of March we celebrate the Feast of Saint Patrick by consuming green beer by the pintfull and eating what we consider traditional Irish dishes.  But what is it

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Trappist Beer Part I – History of the Monks

There is a lot of fuss about all these abbey beers or Trappist beers. Why do both beer snobs and connoisseurs swear that these beers by these hermetic monks tucked away in Belgium monasteries are the greatest liquid to grace any taste buds the world round. So why not take a look into what makes these beers so

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Indiana’s Fort

Fort Wayne, Indiana isn’t really the kind of place you go out of your way to visit.  Sadly it should be In what locals herald as a place with more churches, strip clubs and bars per square mile than anywhere else in the country there is plenty to eat and drink amid the midwestern charm

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Spencer Trappist Ale: American Monks Making Beer

America’s only Trappist brewery begins shipping. It’s lauded as some of the finest beer in the world. The word garners excitement to beer snobs, hipsters and know-nothings alike.  It is a mysterious brew in the upper echelon of brews to enjoy.  There are only ten authentic Trappist breweries in the entire world and a small town

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Brewhoppin into the New Year

2014 : The Year That Started It All Man did 2013 whiz by.   It is always easy to say that at the end of the year.  For us here at Brewhoppin the end of the year doesn’t mean as much as the beginning of 2014 does. As the clocks click over to midnight on

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Brothers Mitch and Zach Silva show the right way to make a burger

We sat down with firefighter brothers Mitch and Zach Silva to try their signature hamburgers and drink a few brews they decided to bring along for a chill fall night around the fire pit. Have you noticed that firefighters know how to eat? They have to.  Saving lives, rescuing stuff and using those jaws of